A long History of quality

The Borisenok family tradition of building homes dates back over a century; a passion that has been passed along to each generation since.

As a third generation homebuilder, Dave Borisenok followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather before him, each who had stick-built their own homes. They prided themselves on quality craftsmanship; a value engrained in Dave since the time he was born.

As a child, his daughter Ashley watched as her father tirelessly built his dream home. It was the home she would grow up in and, eventually, went on to start her own family in. While building this home, Dave recognized that he wanted to help other people do the same. He saw how little one-on-one attention big developers were giving the people investing their life savings into building. He knew he could do better. So, in 2014, Dave founded Dry Creek Building and Development with his daughter by his side.

A few short years later, Ashley decided it was time to continue the family tradition. Together, she and Dave began to build the home of her dreams. Dave watched as Ashley took this project head on, and it became even more clear that the passion had been sparked in yet another generation. While Dave is still an active participant in the company today, Ashley has become the face of Dry Creek and its daily affairs.

We’ll bring your Dream to life

Dry Creek’s mission is clear, to create architecturally stylish, timeless homes that far exceed expectations. As a Dry Creek homeowner, you can expect one-on-one service as you design your dream home. Begin by choosing one of our many modern layouts—or commissioning your own blueprints—then selecting the site for your future home. Tailor the interior to your vision by choosing cabinetry, countertops, tile, millwork and more. We’ll bring your dream to life, brick-by-brick.

Our Team

Ashley Villa

Ashley Villa


An alumna of Siena College’s Marketing and Management program, Ashley relies on a deep network of local businesses to hire the most qualified vendors and reputable contractors for Dry Creek’s construction. Ashley oversees all day-to-day internal operations—from supplier relations to human resources and marketing.  She is constantly on the hunt for land and property, and always scheming the next big project.

Ashley is also Dry Creek’s interior design guru. With a lifelong passion for design and an eye for quality, she hand selects the most stylish finishes on the market to curate an impressive portfolio of options for Dry Creek homeowners. She can work with you one-on-one throughout all phases of the design-selection process. She’ll help you realize your vision as you choose everything from counters and cabinets to siding and stone.

Ashley balances her professional career with a busy life at home with two oh-so-adorable daughters, two oh-so-mischievous rescue pups, and (just one) husband.

Funniest Professional Job: Toilet paper salesperson

Perfect Saturday: Farmers market, boating and live music

Pet Peeve: Bad Customer Service

Guilty Pleasure: Wildlife documentaries and horrible Bravo TV… oh, and wine!

Dave Borisenok

Dave Borisenok

Owner and CEO

Dave leveraged 35 years of a successful business career into an early retirement so he could pursue a second career—building quality homes in the Capital Region. As a third generation home builder, Dave’s family history in construction dates back to the 1920s when his grandparents hand-built their first home. At the age of 22 and armed with the knowledge passed on from previous generations, Dave completed his first home construction project: a back deck. He spent the next decade investing all of his spare time into learning everything he could about construction and development, taking on projects ranging from minor finishing work to major home remodels. When he was finally ready for his own custom home, he literally took matters into his own hands. He created his dream home using the principles of traditional craftsmanship, quality construction and luxury design.

These are the same principles that guided him decades later when he was ready to found his own building and development company.  In 2014, Dry Creek Building and Development was born.  Since then, Dry Creek has completed many beautiful homes, making a name for themselves as one of the premier custom home builders in the Capital Region.

When he’s not prospecting local land or dreaming up blueprints, Dave is enjoying Saratoga’s live music scene with his wife of 37 years or relaxing on the lake with his children and grandchildren.

Pet peeve: Tardiness

Favorite phase of homebuilding: Design and finishing work

Favorite show: Wicked Tuna

Hidden talent: Watching TV with eyes closed

Jessie Morris

Jessie Morris

VP Marketing

Jessie Morris recently joined Dry Creek Building and Development to lead the team’s social media marketing strategy. With a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and seven years of experience in the Event Marketing and Social Media Marketing world, Jessie’s resume speaks for itself. Couple that with a love of design and an artistic eye, she possesses the essential tools for success in a digital age. Follow along with us as luxury new builds, dramatic flips, and top of the line interior design unfold.

While she always has one eye on the perfect post, Jessie also likes to spend her time sampling a new sour beer, crafting up one of her three Halloween costumes each year, and grilling on a warm summer night.

Pet Peeve: Eating with your mouth open

Favorite TV Show: Grace and Frankie

Childhood Dream Job: Trash(wo)man